Halifax Harvest Days 4-H Poultry Project Is Underway!

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4-H clover logoWe are ecstatic to announce that we will be holding our third annual 4-H Poultry Show at the Halifax Harvest Days on Saturday, October 9, 2021. The chicks have hatched, the pullets are singing, and they are ready for new homes! Pick up your projects from the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Halifax County office 359 Ferrell Ln, Halifax, NC starting on Monday, May 17. Please bring a box/bin for adequate transportation of your pullets.

Expected to last about 24 weeks, participants will learn everything from late brooding to egg development and bird anatomy. Participants should be ages 5-18 and enrolled/intend to enroll in Halifax County 4-H. Four workshops will be held throughout the project to learn more about avian health, showmanship skills, and a plethora of information about the poultry industry and North Carolina agriculture! Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend these workshops to fully complete their project. There will be two divisions for competition this year.

  • Standard Poultry Project: Each participant will have the opportunity to raise chicks of their own to exhibit for the show. Participants in this category will complete a record book to exhibit at the show.
  • Rookie Poultry Project: This is for youth interested in the project, but are unable to house and raise the birds on their own. Rookies will still have the opportunity to get the feel of what the project is about! Participants will complete a poster on a poultry topic they have learned about throughout the project.

You may register online or print the registration form, rules, and regulations, as well as a timeline of the poultry project. Should there be any questions, contact Beth Burchell beth_burchell@ncsu.edu or Jerry Edmonds jerry_edmonds@ncsu.edu.

Article Written By Zachery Keeter 2021 Halifax County 4-H Intern